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ZyMi Metronome is just as simple as the device it emulates, its sole function is to indicate the tempo or beat of a musical performance by producing a non-stop signal that helps you maintain the right rhythm.

The app’s interface comes with a numeric pulse indicator, two buttons to the right to change its value, and a wheel control that does the same thing. You will also have a TAP Tempo button to your left, that, when pressed repeatedly in a specific rhythm will tell you the tempo it is being tapped in.

To start the metronome you’ll have to establish a specific tempo on the numeric indicator and press the center of the wheel. One of the most interesting options is the one that lets you choose the way in which the rhythm is indicated to you: through sounds, vibrations, or blinking of the Android device’s screen.

ZyMi Metronome is a simple and useful tool for any musician. This version is completely free and the only difference with its paid counterpart is an advertisement bar that isn’t very bothersome.

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