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ZOZ: Final Hour is an action and adventures game developed by Netease, where you travel to the city of San Yager to try and liberate the streets from zombies. These zombies will destroy everything in their path, so you must fight against them with a group of brave mercenaries.

As usual, Netease included amazing 3D graphics to really immerse you in the unfolding action through a TPS gameplay. You can turn the camera whenever you need to see the enemies that are hiding behind you. There are also loads of different weapons you can use to strike down every monster.

The controls in ZOZ: Final Hour are very easy, and you just need to touch the joystick to move your character. On the right of the screen are the action buttons for reloading ammo, jumping, crouching or opening fire on the enemies. What’s more, in the center of the screen is a box you can tap on to make changes to your weapon during fights.

It’s worth noting that your mercenaries will also have a base where they can plan the different missions. Completing all these challenges will be of utmost importance for killing all the zombies on the map. Additionally, the game’s cinematographic scenes will show you parts of the storyline that guide ZOZ: Final Hour’s narrative.

Each of the zombie fights in ZOZ: Final Hour will show you different informative graphics. Like this, one of the objectives that you must complete will always be present, so you can progress onto new missions. As you gain experience, you can also unlock new weapons to increase your mercenary team’s strength.

ZOZ: Final Hour is a shooting zombie game for Android with outstanding graphics and an immersive playability. You will go up against many enemies and put your aim to the test by either forming powerful teams or immersing yourself in the action like a lone wolf. At the end of the day, your main goal is to escape each battle alive.

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