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If you need extra security on your mobile, you can use Zoner AntiVirus to protect it against all kinds of threats. No matter the kind of threat, this antivirus tool can stop any malware from browsers or installed apps. Zoner AntiVirus offers protection against dialers, trojans, adware, virus, spyware, worms, and any other element that can affect your device’s performance. You can also limit incoming calls and messages, like you would with a black list software, blocking ads or specific people with whom you don’t want to communicate.

This application also protects you against theft, allowing you to find and lock your mobile so nobody can use it and collect important information or access your personal files. It also lets you protect your kids using parental control. In short, it will help you manage all kinds of protection.

To make it even more comprehensive, Zoner AntiVirus incorporates another feature that lets you manage your apps and know what type of permissions they require when installed. This way, you can know what information they control.

Zoner AntiVirus, without a doubt, is a great tool to help protect your device against threats. It offers background protection 24 hours a day, so you can stop worrying about your data.

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