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A fatal virus has turned the entire city’s population into blood-thirsty creatures that will force you to put your survival skills to the test in a fast-paced, action packed game.

Just you and a few survivors of the catastrophe must escape the wave of zombies that is pummeling the city. Your mission is to escape them and try to be rescued from there.

Zombie Assault:Sniper is 3D game in first person with well-designed graphics and excellent music. You will see the story unfold in a very detailed, realistic world.

You have more than 16 different classic weapons at your disposal. Among them you will find katanas or Dragunov sniper rifles that allow you to defend yourself in style. All of these weapons offer you a different, carefully designed gameplay, which makes Zombie Assault:Sniper a very full-featured and special game.

You will face all kinds of different zombies that will put your skills to the test. The more time passes since being infected by the virus, the stronger and more powerful the undead become, which will make it even harder to survive.

Put your survival and weapons skills to the test in this action and adventure game.

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