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Choose your weapon, aim carefully, and try to survive exciting games packed with the living dead in Zombie Age 3, the third installment of the popular series. If you’re a fan of zombie games, give this title a try and see if you can survive all of its challenging levels!

Just like the previous two games in the series, in Zombie Age 3 your mission is to destroy every last zombie as you explore desolate streets in ruined cities. Aim carefully and see how long you can survive the nearly endless onslaught of zombies!

Zombie Age 3 includes over 30 weapons and loads of different zombies. As you play levels, try to figure out each zombie’s weak point to kill them as quickly as possible… before they kill yoU. As you progress through the levels they get progressively more difficult, with more and more zombies to beat and ever more challenging final bosses. Make sure to level up your character and earn enough cash to upgrade your weapons… or you might end up as a zombie yourself.

To get cash, you can break open items or kill zombies, but make sure to invest it wisely in new, more powerful weapons or leveling up your character’s traits. This way you can survive longer, kill even more zombies, climb the worldwide scoreboards, and beat all Zombie Age 3’s most difficult levels!



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