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Zepp (formerly Amazfit) is the official app from Huami for making the most of your smartwatch from the same brand. Basically, this app is the perfect way to link your Amazfit Stratos or Amazfit Pace with any Android smartphone.

On Zepp, you have multiple options that perfectly complement your smartwatch screen. In fact, practically everything you can find on this app is available on your smartwatch but with a more compact interface.

With Zepp, you can see charts on how many steps you take each day and how long you slept. On the other hand, you can adjust your smartwatch’s settings without having to do it on the wearable itself, saving time and energy. You can also manage its battery and see if you need to charge it.

Zepp is the official app for Amazfit watches, designed to make it easy to create a profile with all your information. From how far you’ve walked to your daily exercise and sleep, you can track it all.


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