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Zeopoxa Running is a tool that you can use to monitor a number of parameters when you go for a run outside. Like this, there is no excuse to not set yourself new challenges to improve your physical health and measure your progress during weeks of training.

One of the key points in Zeopoxa Running is that it has an integrated GPS function and maps that let you save the routes you take. This means that whenever you look at your smartphone screen during your run, you will see information about the route you’re following, the average speed you’re running at or the duration of the session.

In Zeopoxa Running, you also have post-session information that lets you analyze the average time it took to run each kilometer and the calories burned at the end of the session. Additionally, you can check stats organized by day, week, or month.

Zeopoxa Running has everything you need to manage your running sessions easily. You can even access certain challenges that will help you find the necessary motivation to improve your results.

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