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Stream hundreds of movies and TV series in Arabic directly to your Android device with the app Z5 Weyyak. Watch tv and films from India, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Croatia and Turkey.

Z5 Weyyak is very easy to use. Browse through trending content or recently added movies and TV series from the home screen, use the filters found on the drop-down menu to refine your search, or quickly search for something specific from the search bar.

Unlike most streaming apps, you don’t need to create an account to watch TV or movies on Z5 Weyyak. Just install the app and starting watching! That being said, creating an account does allow you to access additional content.

Z5 Weyyak is a great app for streaming movies and TV series, with loads of content for all tastes. Watch action movies, dramas, science fiction films, comedies, and much, much more!


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