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Yolo Song is one of those apps that’s been specially created for music lovers. Its main features have been designed to let you create a library that’s as big as the amount of songs you want to store, without having to download them into your smartphone. You can make an infinite playlist with millions of different songs that are stored in the cloud.

Its elegant interface is an added bonus because it’s intuitive and really easy to use even though it has a ton of different features. The main window gives you a general view of the songs that you have stored in your smartphone’s memory and the micro SD, the songs that you’ve marked as your favorite, the playlists you’ve created, and the last songs you’ve played. This feature helps you keep control of what you like the most.

If you’re tired of the same albums you always listen to, you can go the online Yolo Song library and look for new authors, songs in different languages, types of music, popular songs, or download new songs. Doing so lets you directly access them without having to look for the songs every time you want to listen to them.

Yolo Song also lets you play the songs in the background so you can perform any task while you listen to your favorite music. Just create your playlist, open an album or pick shuffle to start enjoying the millions of possibilities that Yolo Song offers you. This tool lets you create an entire library without using unnecessary space in your smartphone.

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