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Yokai Tamer is an MMOARPG set in Japanese mythology. Here, you’ll be completely immersed in a world where dusk has brought demons and shikigamis. This adventure will take you through a Japenese city with carefully designed graphics. Your mission is to defend the world from the arrival of these ghosts.

One of the great things about this game is that you can enjoy a story with a great setting and incredibly detailed graphics. Choose your character and become an authentic onmyoji to help protect the city from the arrival of the spirits and demons. You’re the new yin and yang master and you’ll have to return them to the world where they belong.

The gameplay in Yokai Tamer couldn’t be simpler. Even though it’s developed in an open world where you can go anywhere, the game offers an automatic system that lets you select any mission to directly access your next objective. Once there, you’ll have to defeat all the monsters that inhabit the earth and you’ll have to put your agility and sword skills to the test. In the lower right part of the screen, you’ll find all the spells you can cast and you’ll have to know how to use them in order to defeat your enemies. Once you’ve completed the missions, you’ll get a ton of rewards that will help you keep on progressing.

In order to beat the demons and spirits, you’ll need a much stronger defense and attack, and you’ll need to load up with better objects as you go. Open your player profile and equip yourself with whatever you think is necessary while you improve other elements on your missions. Along the way, you’ll come across other players like you who are exploring the map in search of missions: help them to defeat the dangers of the night and enjoy this thrilling game that’s packed with mythology.



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