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Yandex.Navigator is an app that can guide you to practically any destination safely and quickly, all with a seal of quality from Yandex, a search engine well known in Russia.

Yandex.Navigator’s interface is very easy to use: just find your destination, and the app will show you the fastest way to get there. During your trip, the app also displays the estimated time, and number of kilometers remaining until your destination.

Not only that, but Yandex.Navigator also has a voice navigation system that you can enable to get all the driving instructions via audio. Using voice navigation means you won’t have to look at your device while driving, and can focus on the road instead. This app also offers offline maps and live traffic updates.

Turn your Android device into a GPS with the practical app Yandex.Navigator. Between the great GPS routing abilities and multiple voice navigation options, it’s a fantastic option of navigation app.



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