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Yahoo Weather is the official weather application from Yahoo, which allows you to quickly access all of the meteorological information for your geographic location.

The default main screen of Yahoo Weather corresponds to your current location. However, you can also quickly configure the list of cities where you want to see the weather, selecting from a lot of different places just by typing their names or entering their ZIP codes.

The best thing about Yahoo Weather is that it is very visual and intuitive. Whenever possible, the application shows you a photo of the city where you are which more or less reflects the weather at that time. So, if you are in Madrid and it’s cloudy, you will see a photo of Madrid on a cloudy day.

In order to access the rest of the detailed information about the local weather, you just have to slide your finger up the screen. You can see the prediction for the next few hours, the wind, and lots of other details about the weather.

Yahoo Weather is one of the best weather applications available. It not only lets you stay on top of the weather conditions at any time, but it also allows you to do so in an attractive, intuitive way.


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