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Lead an army and protect your territory from constant enemy attacks in the MMO strategy game World War Rising. In this fun game, you’ll go head to head against other players from all over the world and battle to see who’s the best military general!

In World War Rising, your mission is to take control of each one of the game’s territories by strategically placing your troops across the terrain and equipping them with the best weapons and vehicles to leave each battle victorious! World War Rising has super simple controls: just tap the screen to complete actions, but even so the game has practice sessions where you can master the controls and hone your marksmanship.

Not only that, but you’ll also have to build a military base with all kinds of buildings in World War Rising. And, as you keep getting more and more resources you can build new defenses to protect your base from potential future attacks.

Command an army and feel just like you’re fighting in the First World War -but from a modern perspective- in the exciting game World War Rising. Forge alliances with other players or venture out alone to fight off all the enemies attacking by land, sea, and air.

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