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World War Doh is a game of strategic duels that’s pretty much exactly like Clash Royale. Players face off in exciting real-time battles. Your objective: destroy your enemy’s towers and general.

In World War Doh gameplay is very similar to Clash Royale, but with a few notable differences. In terms of what’s visibly noticeable, instead of there being a central tower that you have to protect, you’ll find there’s a general you control that moves freely around the battlefield. You can risk your general and use him to attack and seize resources, but if he dies, it’s game over.

Luckily, in World War Doh you’ll have over twenty different cards you can use to fully customize your deck. These cards allow you to display all kinds of creatures and traps, that protect your towers while eliminating your enemies buildings. From one battle to the next, as usual you can improve each and every one of your cards.

World War Doh is a game of strategic duels that, although it is very similar to Clash Royale and other similar titles, introduces some much zanier elements that differentiate it from the rest. In terms of visuals it’s very charming. Plus you can unlock dozens of ’emotes’, dances and ‘skins’ for our general.


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