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World Soccer Champs is a soccer game where, match by match, you try to lead your team to victory. The matches in this game don’t take too long, either, since you only control your players during key plays.

Controls in World Soccer Champs couldn’t be easier. Tap on a player to pass him the ball, or tap on an empty part of the field to run in that direction. To shoot, simply slide your finger toward the goal. And when you don’t have the ball, you can slide your finger to tackle.

While World Soccer Champs doesn’t have official licenses built in, you can download this type of content directly from the game itself. The download takes up only 20MB and lets you play with all the real teams and players you know and love from all around the world.

World Soccer Champs is an entertaining soccer game similar to the New Star Soccer saga. Even better, it has simple yet gorgeous graphics.


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