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Word Trip is a puzzle game that will test your vocabulary on each and every level. If you like puzzles and word games, then this is great way to spend some time with a good challenge whenever you want.

In each level, you’ll have a jumble of letters that you have to place on the board, which has various white spaces. Fill in the spaces with the letters you have at your disposal. To do so, just slide your finger over the letters you want in the right order, then lift your finger from the screen, and the word you’ve spelled will appear on the board if it’s correct. If you spell a word that doesn’t fit on the board, you’ll have to keep trying.

The spaces on the board are intended for words with a certain number of letters, so you’ll have to fill in the white spaces with whatever words you can. As you advance, the game will get more complicated, forcing you to spell longer or more obscure words. No matter what, your goal is to fill in the spaces with the number of letters required.

You can play Word Trip offline, too, so you can play whenever you want. Show off your vocabulary and learn new words with this educational game that’s fun for all ages.


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