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Wiser is a launcher that lets you replace the classic interface on your Android device with a much more intuitive one that’s both simple and accessible for any kind of user.

Wiser’s main tab shows only six big icons with the most important elements on your device: Phone, Contacts, Gallery, Camera, Messages, and Other apps. You can swipe through the different tabs to access each different section in the app.

Every single tab in Wiser has the same consistent style: big icons, big font, and zero hassle. For instance, when you go to the Contacts section, you’ll see the names and faces of your favorite contacts, and you just have to tap them to begin a call.

Wiser is a launcher for Android that, even if it’s aimed at older people, could be really useful for all sorts of users. It might not have the most elegant interface, but it’s certainly one of the most accessible.

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