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WingSuit Simulator 3D lets you experience this extreme sport from the comfort and safety of your smartphone, without having to actually throw yourself out of a real helicopter.

After jumping, you have to follow the path using the joystick on the right side of the screen to guide your character. Meanwhile, on the left, you’ll find a button to accelerate and another one that pops up from time to time that lets you do flips in the air.

When you complete your run, reaching the end and passing through the indicated points, the level will be over and the next one will be unlocked automatically. Plus, you’ll earn a reward to help you buy new suits to use in your future jumps.

WingSuit Simulator 3D offers increasingly dangerous settings with obstacles to dodge, like the blades of a wind turbine, cable cars, or enormous rocks. You’ll need to make sure you perfect your flying abilities to make it to ground safe and sound.

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