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Down load now and heed the decision of the wild west. The townsfolk name out for help from a new mayor, come to their resource to carry law and order to a wild frontier city. Play wild west heroes, a approach idle rpg sport. Begin your modern day journey in the old west.

defeat bandits, educate robbers, and other baddies strolling or atop your steed. Shape an invincible group from the heroes of the antique west, and rebuild your wild west city but you consider!


gunfights and horseback shoot-outs!
battle it out with the nefarious neer-do-wells of the wild frontier, have interaction in interesting shoot-outs, and utilize your party’s specific grit capabilities to take down bandits, desperadoes, and livestock rustlers across the terrific wild yonder. Fight it out walking or experience them down in exciting horseback gunfights.

spherical-up your heroes
there are over 60 west heroes, each with man or woman talents and skills in the wild west. Recruit them and locate their true potential, expand an invincible party. Smith your self excellent weaponry, gadget, and add-ons and equip them to your heroes to lead them to victory!

customize your city but you need
construct your city precisely the way you need it to appearance.

Wild West Heroes Apk Mod Download

Hire your heroes around metropolis to enhance their capabilities. Earn resource even at the same time as offline. Your west heroes are extra than capable of looking after your metropolis.

experience the vintage west
carry regulation by searching down criminals, interrogating their leaders, and escorting your prisoners to justice, or take a few day off to move fishing, dancing at the neighborhood watering hole or fulfilling quests from the townsfolk. There may be some thing for anybody to enjoy within the global of wild west heroes.

embark on journey in an expansive wild west international
mount up your horse and take the reins as you discover a huge wild west world. Experience across burning deserts, great plains of open variety, and perilous mountains. Defend your own in opposition to bandits and criminals, collect bounties, end heroic quests and compete in arena-like shoot-outs. Be a part of in and begin your new antique west adventure at the wild frontier.

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