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If you like management-strategy games, particularly those that have elements of classic tower defense style gameplay, Wild Sky is a full-featured option that provides you with all kinds of enemies in dozens of different scenarios. In this adventure you will have to defeat anyone who wants to conquer your base and play around with your surroundings in order to survive. Enjoy hundreds of action-packed levels and survive enemy hordes as they lob attack squadrons towards you non-stop.

Wild Sky’s mechanics are exactly the same as those of other tower defence games; defend your base from rival attacks and build different types of defensive towers. To do so, you’ll need to click on any empty spaces on the game board and select which defensive element you want to build. There are four different options, each with a specific type of attack and a different way of defending.

Each of the maps you find has a slightly different distribution, take into account which points of the map the hordes may appear from and which path they will follow to reach your base. To build the towers you’ll need money earned from rival casualties; make sure you manage your resources correctly to avoid problems and keep an eye on your special skills and the mana needed to make them work.

On the other hand, in Wild Sky you’ll control a series of heroes on a mission to support your field troops. Their attack skills and characteristics are unique to each squadron, so make the most of each unit or you’ll have to place your heroes in the best space for them. Toggle their skills and build on improvements to your towers. Defeat hundreds of enemy hordes through different levels of Wild Sky to vanquish your enemies and save your people.



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