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Wild Hunt: Sport Hunting Games is a first person shooting game which will turn you into a bonafide professional hunter. You will travel all around the world, entering into iconic locales on five continents, in which you have to try to hunt a variety of animals.

As usual in hunting games, you cannot move your character, who is stuck in one position on the screen. What you can do is aim your weapon, adjust your telescopic sight, and of course, shoot. You can also activate special abilities like adrenaline. The objective in each level is to get a gold medal, and to do so you will have to hunt a great deal of animals.

In Wild Hunt: Sport Hunting Games there are three distinct game modes, each of which has a bunch of levels to show off your aim. Plus, between matches you can buy new weapons or improve the ones you already own. You can improve the stock, the telescopic sight, and even the barrel of each rifle. On top of that, you can get crossbows, bows, sniper rifles, and even machine guns.

Wild Hunt: Sport Hunting Games is a hunting game that features excellent graphics and a bunch of unique scenes, animals, and weapons. Plus, you can play on your own or compete against other players online.


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