Wild Dino Hunting Clash: Animal Hunting Games for Android

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Wild Dino Hunting Clash: Animal Hunting Games is a pretty expansive dinosaur-hunting game with a wide variety of dinosaurs as well as weapons to hunt them with. The goal is to hunt down all the dinosaurs on each level. This way, you can earn coins that you can later use to buy more powerful weapons and better skins.

Wild Dino Hunting Clash: Animal Hunting Games has a few different game modes: Dino Mode, Safari Mode, Time Trial Dino, Time Trial Safari, Challenging Dino, Wolf Mode, and Bear Mode. So there are tons of ways to hunt, including racing against the clock or even hunting other animals. There are also four different maps: forest, snow, desert, and rain forest. As for the weapons, there’s a wide range that features everything from larger magazines to higher precision, higher rate of fire, and higher zooming capabilities.

The gameplay is simple and direct. On the screen, you’ll see controls for moving, plus others for shooting, jumping, and zooming in. When you kill the last dinosaur on each level, you’ll see a slow-motion shot of the bullet’s path to its target.

In terms of advertising, the game has tons of 5-second ads that it shows as you navigate the menus and finish each level. In addition to these ads, the game also shows banners to pay and unlock all the levels and weapons from the beginning.

Overall, this APK of Wild Dino Hunting Clash: Animal Hunting Games is a excellent choice if you’re looking for a new hunting game with fun gameplay and solid graphics.


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