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Wild Cheetah Sim is a hunting simulator where you play as a cheetah that has to catch prey in order to eat. If you like this kind of game, this adventure will keep you entertained for hours as you fight against all kinds of animals. Make your way through the scenarios until you track down your prey, then pounce.

To control your cheetah, use the virtual D-pad on the left side of the screen, then pounce with the action buttons, baring your teeth and using your claws. Finishing off your prey won’t be easy, however, since they’ll run away at the first sight of you and try to defend one another once you attack.

In this survival simulator, your objective is to kill all the prey on each level before they kill you. Search for animals with your radar, then hunt them down before they escape. You can also return home to regain your strength and form a coalition of cheetahs to hunt down food more easily.

Wild Cheetah Sim is a fun simulator where you stalk your prey through tons of scenarios. Live a day in the life of a cheetah, hunting down all kinds of wild animals. Can you survive the wilderness? Find out when you go hunting in this fun adventure.

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