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Whiteboard is a tool you can use to jot down loads of ideas or concepts on a virtual whiteboard. The app gives you lots of virtual boards on which you can plan and store concepts that you can check later whenever you need. All of this falls under the seal of quality that comes with a company like Microsoft.

In Whiteboard, there is a toolbar through which you can choose the type of paintbrush, pen or pencil you want to use. The kind of notes you make on each whiteboard will look similar to those you can make on a real pad of paper.

Another feature to keep in mind with Whiteboard is that you can upload your notes so other people can collaborate on them. This is very useful for commenting on certain things with your work colleagues or education center. In fact, any of these users can edit the notes by adding text or lines that might clarify your ideas even further.

Whiteboard has different features that let you create virtual notes very easily. Without needing to use a pen and paper, you can digitize your ideas to share them instantly with your colleagues. This means that you can speed up many processes during each working or study day. Finally, from the main menu, you will always have access to all the whiteboards you have created to return to any information you might need.


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