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WheeLog! is an app that offers a way for persons with reduced mobility to check if locations are accessible for them, as well as warn other users of inaccessible areas. With this app, we can work together to create a more accessible world for everyone.

Using WheeLog! is similar to using other navigation apps, such as Google Maps, the main difference being that WheeLog! displays areas that may be difficult for people limited mobility, and of course, lets users add difficult locations manually. For example, if a user comes across some steep stairs, they can mark them on the map and add a note about the mobility challenge, which other users can check before going to the same area.

While marking problem areas is important, it’s just as important to add easily accessible areas, and WheeLog! works great for that as well. It just takes a minute to add accessibility information about hotels, restaurants, public restrooms, parking lots, etc, and recommend easily accessible locations.

WheeLog! is a very useful app that makes it possible for everyone to easily navigate through any city, and find easily accessible restaurants, hotels, transportation, and more, no matter what their mobility needs may be.

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