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Whatawalk 2 is the second installment of an arcade game where players have to make it to a certain point in each level by walking their character all the way to that spot. Only thing is: his legs are a bit, well, … wobbly.

Gameplay in Whatawalk 2 is easy: at the beginning of a game, there’s a platform scenario that you must cross. The platforms are floating in space, so a single minute false step will throw you deep into the void, forcing you to start that level from scratch, all over again. With this in mind, the idea is to carefully move forward until you reach the goal. But, that’s no easy task, because your character’s legs are unstable and wobble about with every step. When taking a single step, you have to move each leg forward with just the right amount of pressure and strength at a precise angle in order for it to land at your target on the next platform.

The first few levels in Whatawalk 2 are simple: two or three platforms separate you from your goal with few to no obstacles. But, it won’t be long before you begin to encounter lasers that’ll slice through you, ending your life instantly. There’s also rogue platforms that jiggle, throwing you off balance. And, in general, an assortment of items to dodge that’ll make every step even more of a challenge.

Whatawalk 2 is a fun game, with an original premise and an off-the-walls esthetic. Soon enough, you’ll be glued to your screen, trying to control this nice young man’s crazy, crazy legs.


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