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what3words is an app that’ll help you share and find any location in the world in the easiest way possible. Using what3words is really easy: each three by three-meter section in the world has a unique three-word address. This way, you can agree to meet your friends in any location in the world by sharing the three words that belong to that specific location.

Using what3words is as easy as moving around any part of the world with Google Maps or another similar location. You can check out the three words that belong to a specific address on the lower part of the screen. Once you’ve found the place you’re looking for, just save it in your list of favorites or share it directly through any of your social networks or messaging apps.

At first glance, what3words may not seem super useful because it’s just easier to agree to meet at a specific street or bar. And that may be true but if you ever need to find someone during a camping trip or a music festival (or another place that may not have a street name or number), then that’s when this app truly shines. You can even use it to pinpoint the exact locations you want to visit during a field trip.

what3words is a really interesting app that you can use to name basically any point in the world. That’s really useful when you’re meeting with someone but you don’t know the name of the street or the place.


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