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WeSing is an app that turns your Android smartphone into a proper karaoke machine. Now you won’t just get to record songs, but you’ll also share them on this enormously popular platform. And — of course — you can also check out some of the competition by taking a look at other karaoke sessions going on now.

Once you’re registered on WeSing, take a quick look at the huge array of songs available to choose from. Filter your favorite hits by language or musical styling. That way it’s easier to find the ones you really like. Pick out your favorite song or maybe just an easier one you’re actually capable of singing — which is obviously a fine strategy as well.

One of WeSing’s better attributes is its social element — not unlike other similar apps. You’ll get hooked on watching other users’ songs on your timeline, plus watch your friends sets and share your favorite songs together.

WeSing is an excellent app for music lovers (especially Karaoke lovers). The diverse song selection is great for the whole family — with songs in 12 different languages all from a variety of genres. You’re sure to find a song for everyone.


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