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Weather is the official Sony app for checking the weather forecast on your cell phone. If you have a smartphone and you want to know the latest weather forecast for your city or any other part of the world, this app provides a lot of information regarding the weather pattern in your area or anywhere else.

From the main menu in Weather, you can see fields such as the current temperature in your city, sky conditions, whether it will rain or be sunny, wind speed and direction. This relevant data can help you take the necessary precautions when you want to go out. From the same menu, you can see the weather forecast for the next few hours and how it will progress over the course of the day. This information will help you be ready for any changes in the weather when you set foot outdoors.

Additionally, not only are you able to check the weather for the next few hours, but also for the upcoming days. By tapping on each of the days of the week, you can check the highest and lowest temperature points, sunrise and sunset times or the weather for the entire day. Check the app regularly for updates regarding the weather.

One of the benefits of Weather is that you can add more than one location which will enable to you check the weather in your current city as well as in any other. All you need to do is manually add the cities that you wish to check, slide your finger from one to the other and find out what the weather’s like in those areas in just a few seconds.

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