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War Tortoise 2 is a fun idle shooter where you control a powerful warrior tortoise on its mission to conquer new lands and defend its troops. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s a concept that’s as surreal as it is awesome: a war between animals. You’ll recruit all sorts of rodents and other interesting animals to help you win a grueling battle against insects and lizards of all shapes and sizes.

The epic music floods the rounds in War Tortoise 2 to get you immersed in its simple and intense gameplay. After choosing where you want your shelled warrior to go, you’ll automatically advance along a dangerous path. You can move the camera freely to choose where you want to aim your machine gun. But you won’t be alone in this battle zone – you can also recruit different animals to help you on your mission.

What you have here is an idle action and strategy game where you have to earn money to spend it on different improvements: increased shooting power, improved critical percentage, to recruit animals, improve them, etc. As you’ve already seen in other idle clickers, you just have to focus on aiming carefully at your enemies to take them down and earn a decent amount of money to continue investing.

War Tortoise 2 is an excellent incremental game where you’ll face constant hordes of enemies. It makes for instant fun that will have you coming back for more and more as you try to help your faithful warrior tortoise. It’s an incredibly original game with powerful graphics.



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