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War Planet Online is a strategy videogame that challenges you to develop your army by creating buildings that upgrade your bases of operation. Keep in mind that during the process you also have to battle against other online players that have the same mission.

You have to manage all your building sites in real time and you can interact with all the players on the server. The server’s map represents the actual topography of the entire planet Earth.

Because this a real time game, you have to keep an eye on the players that are close to you on the map as well as join forces with other players that are backed up by a clan. Ultimately, your long-term survival depends on your skillful management of the resources and ability to negotiate (or counter attack at the right moment).

War Planet Online is a strategy game with a setting that focuses on construction and combat machines suitable for modern-day war. This is a very interesting proposal by Gameloft for those who are looking for a setting that doesn’t stick to the fantasy and sword standards that are common in this subgenre.


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