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War for the Seas is a strategy game where you lead a pirate ship into battle against enemy ships. As you sail across the ocean, you’ll fight against all kinds of enemies, imposing your authority and expanding your fleet until it’s feared by all.

Enter various online battles depicted with 3D graphics while teaming up with players all over the world as you traverse the ocean and attack enemies. As you play, you can refine your strategy until there’s no one who can touch you.

From the top of the screen, you can control the players that make up your fleet. From here, you’ll see the vital stats for each component you need to keep tabs on to make sure you stay safe. Likewise, you can access tons of elements to improve your pirates and ship from the main menu.

By tapping on the port city’s map, you can access spectacular 3D views and dive deeper into this world. Visit the market to exchange goods with other players, recruit new pirates, and deploy your troops as you wrest control of more than 100 ports found in this impressive and expansive game.

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