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Wallapop is an online buying and selling app that, unlike other services like eBay, allows you to deal directly with other users without having to pay a middleman for the privilege.

If you’re looking to buy, you can browse through the app and filter products by category. That way, if you’re looking for clothes you can limit your search to clothes, and if you’re looking for video games, you can limit your search to video games.

The price of each product is displayed in its listing, although the seller could always be willing to negotiate. In fact, when it comes to buying something that is close to your location, you may be able to trade something instead of paying money.

Wallapop tells you how far away each potential sale is. Thanks to that feature, you can decide whether or not the person is close enough to do business with.

Wallapop is an intriguing buying and selling service that allows you to do business with other users without having to give up any percentage of your profit. The problem is that, of course, you have to be careful of scams. You know what they say, always look out for number one.


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