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In Walking Dead: Road to Survival (an application based on the original graphic novel The Walking Dead) your only objective is to survive in a post-apocalyptic world populated by zombies. Escaping from the zombies will only buy you more time: if you really want to make it out alive, you have to find the best weapons, aim for the head, and take care of every last one of them.

Just like in the original story, this game takes place in Woodbury, a city in the U.S. run by the cruel Governor. Playing as Rick, you’ll have to take care of all the zombies and also fight the tyranny of the small-town authorities. As you progress through the game, you’ll find more and more obstacles that will make your fight to liberate the citizens more difficult.

Along the way you’ll run into Glenn and Michonne, but they won’t be friendly encounters. One of them will need to die so you can save the others, and you’ll be the one who has to decide who will be sacrificed. Walking Dead: Road to Survival is a role-play that plays out according to the decisions you make, meaning the game could end in a number of different ways. Regardless, your mission will always be the same: finish off all the zombies that plague your country.

Your team’s arsenal will be an essential part of your fight. Figure out each person’s weakness so that you can highlight your team’s strong points. Only as a team will you be able to survive Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

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