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Vlad and Niki Piano is a musical game for kids where they can have fun playing various colorful instruments with their famous friends, brothers Vlad and Niki. Even better, as they play with these instruments, kids can make amazing musical compositions.

In Vlad and Niki Piano, just tap on each instrument to play it. By tapping on the screen, you can play each string, key, or button, all of which make different sounds and can be combined to create interesting little songs.

With some instruments, such as the piano, there are also special keys you can tap to produce animal sounds. The app is set up well, too, so that it’s easy to play each instrument to your heart’s content. You can even dive into other sections where you learn about the sounds you can make with everyday objects around the home or on the street.

Vlad and Niki Piano includes multiple instruments for creating practically endless songs and sounds, all on your Android smartphone. Even better, you’ll be in good company. Without a doubt, this is an excellent game for kids that’s practically guaranteed to keep them entertained.

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