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VIP Guard is a fun game of skill in which you can become a security guard for the most important person on the planet: the president of the United States of America. Your mission to protect him from bullets at events and do whatever it takes to protect his life.

In VIP Guard your only mission is to protect the president. To do that, you’ll need to figure out how to stop bullets fired at him no matter what. In each level, you can see the sniper’s laser as he’s about to fire. Tap the screen, swipe to aim, and lift your finger to launch the security guard towards the life-threatening projectile.

Stop the bullet at any cost to complete your mission. You could use your body, a chest of drawers, or almost anything else. Jump to save the president and use whatever is within reach to help you to beat the level.

You’ll not only have to stop the bullet in VIP Guard but also finish off the killers. After saving the president, grab your rifle, aim at the terrorists, and take them out by swiping your finger across the screen to aim and shooting at all the enemies. Travel with the president and protect his life at each event in the fun game VIP Guard.


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