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Video and GIF Memes is an app that allows you to make videos into gifs, or to take a short fragment from a longer video. You can also make a video out of a gif file you have saved on your device.

Using the app is very easy. Just select the file and the part of the video you want to use. For example, if you load in a one or two minute video, you can edit it down to a funny five second gif.

Once you’ve selected the part of the video or the gif you want, you’ll find the quality options for exporting: frames per second and resolution. You’ll also be able to speed up the video or make it repeat (if it’s a gif).

Video and GIF Memes also allows you to add text to the export file. Just select where you want the text to appear, type it in, select a font and font color, and you’re done.

Video and GIF Memes is a gif creation app that’s very interesting. Although it doesn’t have a ton of options, it does have a simple, intuitive interface. The results are great too.


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