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Valkyrie Connect is a JRPG with a fluid fighting system, in which you can recruit more than 100 different heroes. Your task is to create the best possible group of adventurers for each occasion, learning how to combine their abilities, improve your team and level them up.

One of the most fun aspects of Valkyrie Connect is that, like the awesome Unison League (also developed by Ateam Inc.), you can enjoy collaborations with other franchises. This means that, for example, for a limited amount of time you can recruit characters from the Street Fighter saga to be in your group of heroes.

The Valkyrie Connect fighting system is pretty simple. Your heroes always attack automatically, and so all you need to worry about is activating their special abilities. Plus, if you want your battles to finish quickly, all you need to do is increase the battle speed.

Valkyrie Connect is a JRPG with excellent graphics. As with all games of this type, the main goal is to recruit all the game’s heroes. However, bearing in mind the enormous amount of characters available, it will take you a while to get them all.


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