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UNO and Friends is basically a portable, digital version of the very well known card game UNO, which allows you to enjoy its fun mechanics online and from the comfort of your Android device.

You can challenge millions of players around the world online. You can compete against random players or invite your Facebook friends to private games. So, you can have an experience that is very similar to that of the original game, but with the advantage of not having to leave home.

In order to play a game of UNO and Friends you will need tokens, which you can get by winning games, buying them with real money, or simply waiting for a certain amount of time.

UNO and Friends is a very enjoyable game that allows you to enjoy the experience of playing this game, which has been around forever, online. However, you do miss out on some of the fun of the normal version of UNO, which is spending time with friends.


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