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Ultimate Jewel is a logic game that has you combine colorful jewels to beat the app’s many different levels. Very similar to the famous Candy Crush Saga, you have to get big combos in order to get high scores.

The gameplay is very simple, having you combine three or more identical jewels in each move. Once you do this, they disappear and make way for more gems for you to combine. The bigger the combinations, the more points you receive in the end. You have to think about your moves before making them, and make sure you accomplish the objectives in order to pass the levels.

Ultimate Jewel includes a zen mode where you don’t face any challenges, timer, or any other type of problem. This is especially geared towards people who want to play without any pressure whatsoever. The game also includes a puzzle mode where you play against yourself, letting you challenge yourself to keep improving.

In each level you can earn a maximum of three stars, depending on the points you get. If you want to repeat a level, the game lets you go back as many times as you want, whether you want to try for all the stars or just beat your high scores.


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