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Introduce Spanish into your daily life little by little with Learn Spanish, an app that helps you acquire knowledge in all the levels, from A.1 up to C2.1. The app offers you access to exercises and tests that you can try and combine however fits you best because all the levels are available as soon as you start using the app.

The lessons are focused on the development of your day to day communication level. By improving these important skills you’ll gain the confidence to start a conversation with any native Spanish person. The exercises are divided into: travel, leisure, work, friends, family, date, time, animals, food, or useful words that’ll help you deepen your understanding of the language.

Take a test before starting your lessons and begin learning according to the level you already have. This way, you can make sure you’re actually learning new things instead of reviewing concepts you already know. Learn Spanish helps you learn grammar and pronunciation, which gives you a complete learning experience.

You can dedicate your studies as much time as you need and gain experience points that’ll help you improve what you’ve recently learned. When you achieve 100% in a specific level then you’ll be an expert, although reviewing past lessons is never a bad idea.


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