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Truth or Dare is an Android version of the classic game truth or dare and will add an exciting -and sexy- flair to your evening soirées with your partner or friends.

To start a game with Truth or Dare, just open the app and enter whether you’re playing with your romantic partner or with friends. After that, enter the name of each participant, and start putting your trust and bravery to the test. On top of that, you can also create custom packs of questions and dares.

Once you’ve finished setting up, the real game begins. Every turn, truth or dare will appear on the screen, and the dares can be a bit risqué. For example, you might be dared to send all your contacts ‘I love you’ or do ten squats over your partner in your underwear.

Truth or Dare is a great Android version of the classic game for teenagers, with a simple, intuitive interface. In this game, whoever is willing to go farther wins.


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