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Truck Simulator Offroad is an intense driving game where you get behind the wheel of some of the most impressive trucks in the industry. By transporting all kinds of dangerous machinery and traveling through an infinite number of different terrains that put the driving skills of even the most experienced driver to the test, your aim in Truck Simulator Offroad is to try and arrive at your destination safe and sound while keeping your load as intact as possible.

The controls in Truck Simulator Offroad are quite similar to those you might have seen in similar games: you can control your vehicle’s speed by tapping on the pedals to the right of the screen, while the steering wheel-shaped icon lets you change direction. Most of the vehicles you can drive come with an advanced driving system that is essential for tackling the impossible hills that are between you and the finish line.

In Truck Simulator Offroad you are given a rating out of three stars based on the time it takes you to reach your destination and any damages to your cargo, as well as the ability to unlock new terrains and more powerful vehicles.


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