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Truck Driver City Crush is an action game in pure GTA style where you run around a city inspired by Rio de Janeiro. Your objective is to climb the ranks of the criminal underground by completing all kinds of missions.

The controls in Truck Driver City Crush are very intuitive. On the left side of the screen, there’s a virtual D-pad, and on the right, there are action buttons. You can jump, get in and out of cars, and, of course, shoot. From the character menu, you can also buy new weapons and ammunition at any time.

As in the GTA saga and all of its clones, Truck Driver City Crush has plenty of missions for you to complete in order to advance the story, as well as the option to run around the city wreaking havoc of your own accord. You can rob any car you want and attack any passerby. You can even participate in illegal car races.

Truck Driver City Crush is an incredibly entertaining sandbox game that offers a similar experience to other GTA games, only this time it’s set in Rio de Janeiro. And yes, you can visit the beach and even attack the tourists you find there.



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