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Trivia Star is a trivia game that, with its 1000+ levels, challenges players to answer as many trivia questions as they can and reach the highest level. Trivia Star contains many different themed categories, such as sports, inventions, brands, science … How many questions are you able to answer before you make your first mistake?

Trivia Star works like this: when you begin a level, you need to choose between the three different trivia categories that will appear on the screen, or you can spend money to reshuffle the categories so that three new, random ones appear. After you choose a category and touch it to start the game, five questions will appear and you need to answer them correctly in order to proceed to the next level. The first levels are very easy, however, as you progress through the game they will become more and more difficult.

After you answer all the questions from one level you will proceed to the next and, in contrast to other games, you will know immediately whether or not you answered correctly in Trivia Star.

Trivia Star is an entertaining trivia game with a wide enough variety of categories that anyone can have fun and put their general knowledge to the test.


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