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Trivia Crack Heroes, also known as Preguntados Heroes, is a duel-based game that’s similar to Clash Royale, but with a peculiarity that makes it totally unique: you have to answer culture related questions in order to earn more mana and call on more creatures so you can win the duel.

Your objective here is simple: defeat the enemy base before they defeat yours. In order to complete your mission, you have to call on your champions. Each one of them has their own skills and their own mana cost. The key is that if you answer the questions that appear on the lower part of the screen correctly, your mana regenerates faster.

In between combats, as is common in these types of games, you can improve your champions. You just need to get their cards, which can be found inside treasure chests; and you also need coins. Once that’s set, you can improve their skills and effectiveness during battles.

Trivia Crack Heroes is an awesome combination of genres that offers you a really entertaining gaming experience. Also, if you happen to have a good memory, you could learn a thing or two about general culture.


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