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Train Taxi is a fun puzzle game where you complete a train route from start to finish, picking up passengers along the way.

To play Train Taxi, guide your train over bridges, through intersections, and on detours, picking up passengers as you go. Your goal is to collect all the passengers with the fewest number of laps. To do so, swipe up, down, or sideways when you reach an intersection to determine the direction you take next.

In the beginning, the levels are pretty simple, so you won’t have to make many laps before you finish. As you advance, however, the number of intersections and passengers increases, so you’ll have to think strategically in order to succeed. On top of that, your train grows longer with every passenger you pick up, so try to avoid running into one of your own cars with a wrong turn.

Train Taxi is an entertaining and highly addictive puzzle game. With wonderful graphics, relaxing colors, and simple controls, it’s the perfect game to play whenever you have a little spare time to kill.


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