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Easily translate between languages with the app Traductor Voz. This easy-to-use app can quickly translate either written text or recorded voice to another language.

Simply select two languages to start translating: the original, and a second language to translate to. Once you’ve selected your languages, just write or record a phrase to translate it. The translation will appear on your device’s screen, but you also have the option of playing the original or translation out load.

Traductor Voz is optimized for touchscreen devices, which makes it super easy to use. Translate into loads of languages, or look up the definition of almost any word with just a few taps to your Android device.

On top of all that, Traductor Voz is loaded with customization options that make it possible to personalize it to your needs. Translate and listen to words and phrases in almost any language with this comprehensive translator and Its huge language database.


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