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Towing Race is a casual game where you get into powerful cars to try and tow each of the other vehicles that appear in each scene. By improving the condition of your cars, you will be able to tow even the heaviest of trucks.

You have to keep in mind that your cars won’t be that powerful during the first few levels in Towing Race. However, as you tow the rest of the vehicles, you will get enough rewards to upgrade the features of each van. In fact, you can also access your garage from the main menu to check all the available 4x4s.

Towing Race has 3D visuals, meaning that you can easily watch how each race develops. It won’t be easy to cross the finish line while towing all these vehicles, and to do so you need to make the most of your cars’ mechanical abilities.

Although the Towing Race gameplay is simple, it manages to become addictive the more levels you play. By towing each of these cars, you can amass a lot of coins that will let you unlock loads of other cars to drag tanks, trucks and huge race cars.


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