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Tower of Saviors is a puzzle RPG inspired by the great Puzzle and Dragons. In this game, you can create your own band of adventurers and battle hundreds of enemies as you ascend a dangerous tower.

As you play Tower of Saviors, you can level up your characters, choose new companions, or even level up the pets you can collect after battles. All of this will help you inflict more damage on your enemies and increase your hero’s life points.

Tower of Saviors uses a combat system that’s similar to classic match-3 puzzles. During battles, your mission is to move gems across the board and match three of the same gem to launch an attack of the same type.

There are over four hundred different battles to fight against all kinds of enemies, some of which are inspired by Greek, Chinese or Egyptian mythology, in this exciting game. Not only that, but new special events appear every day, so you’ll always have a new challenge to take on.

Tower of Saviors is a puzzle RPG with outstanding graphics, fast-paced, entertaining gameplay, and most importantly, almost endless amounts of levels, monsters, and heroes that will keep you entertained for hours!


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